Hello. C’mon in.


I’m told one of the things an aspiring writer should do to promote his or her work is to establish a web presence or blog. The trick, I would think, is to get people to actually read the blog. Being one blog among millions, visibility and recognition is no small challenge. Let’s be honest.  I’m getting too old for challenges. I’ll leave that to the more ambitious. Instead, I’ll pet the cat,  jot a few things down from time to time, and hope for the best.

With that out of the way, I’d like to say a few words about my newest upcoming novel titled El Fuego. What’s that you say? You don’t speak Spanish? Me neither, but the story has to do with fire (Fuego) or arson to be specific, and some very bad people who are being paid to burn out a number of Hispanic businesses Using a Spanish title for a book written in English might seem a little awkward, but do you remember the movie Argo? You probably didn’t know what Argo meant either, but lots of folks bought tickets.

I think you’ll like El Fuego. It’s my fourth novel and I hope a little more polished that the previous three.. Once again, I have my old buddy and favorite protagonist, Sheriff Lester P. Morrison, to lead the way. The Sheriff is always good for a few chuckles as he applies his old west sense of justice to any bad guys foolish enough to intrude upon his territory, the Oklahoma Panhandle. If all goes well, El Fuego will be ready for the big time somewhere around the end of September. Download a copy and come along for the ride.



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