Kboards? What’s a Kboard?


Kboards? Never heard of it, not until I started to write and realized I knew absolutely nothing about what I was doing. Oh, I checked a few books out of the library, How to Write a Novel, How to Start Your Writing Career, How to Get Published, and others like it, but few were specifically aimed at Indy writers, independents whose chances of being picked up by a major publisher are roughly the same as hitting the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.

Kboards, operating under the flag of Amazon, is a forum of many facets. There, you can browse books, share book reviews, talk about the Kindle devices, even upload a favorite  photo if you like. But the Writer’s Café, ah, this is the go to source for not only the experienced writers, but the lame and the clueless such as yours truly.

My problem was that I had hit a wall, not only in sales, but ideas and inspiration. I was tired of doling out good money for editors and promotional fees and not seeing the results I was hoping for. So, with hat in hand, I cried out to the Writer’s Café for a little help and a hug. I braced for replies such as “Fold your tent and go home,” or “Go out the back, Jack,” or “You’re in the wrong bar, cowboy.” No, what I got was about 90 replies with a 99% encouragement rate. “Hang in there.” “Don’t give up.” “Your reviews are good.” Some even liked the writing. Woo hoo!

There was one dark cloud though and it was nearly unanimous—YOUR COVERS SUCK.  But they said it in a nice way.

And all this time the friends and relatives were cheering them on. “Love it.” “Looking good.” I sense a pattern here. An unbiased opinion from a user name on the Internet tends to be brutally honest (as they should be) and not like someone who has to look you in the eye at the next family reunion.

They were gentle with me, the responders, and threw out helpful tips like beads at the Mardi Gras. It was unexpected and a little overwhelming. Good advice, Internet links to check out, cover samples of the good, the bad, and the ugly, even a redo of one of my covers, not to mention a couple of virtual kisses on the cheek.

Fully rejuvenated, I plan to get new covers, find new key words, redo some blurbs, brand Sheriff Lester as a series, and last but far from least, work on my writing skills.

Thank you, Writer’s Café. Drinks are on me.


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