C’mon along


Here’s an idea. Since the new novel is barely out of the infancy stage, a toddler perhaps, I thought it might be fun to have an audience while I work my way through this. Follow the progress and sympathize as I struggle to get our hero, Sheriff Lester P. Morrison, out of another jam. Struggle with me while developing the love connection between Deputy Billy Ray Ledbetter and his girlfriend, Rio. Cringe as I come up with even more evil acts for the deranged, Martin Garrison.

Jeer, hoot, boo, applaud, whatever, one way or another there will come a day when I hit that magic button to UPLOAD and we can celebrate together.

You, Dear Reader, can offer suggestions as we go, but I warn you, they will most likely be ignored. There’s that.

Luckily, Amazon doesn’t give a damn how good the book is. As long as you format correctly and keep within their guidelines you  can upload just about anything, including porn (none in this story). There will be some mild cursing, even an occasional F-bomb, but nothing to curl the pages. (Can e-book pages curl?)

I will post as developments occur.

Buckle up. Enjoy the ride.





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