The Making of a Novel: Part Three.


Saturday. Yes, I write on Saturdays. Also Sundays. Also holidays. Right now, I’m in a groove. One of those rare occasions when the story almost writes itself. The ideas are flowing. Woo hoo.

I’m watching TV and there it is. Completely unrelated to what’s on the screen. Just a simple thought from out of the blue, or the dark, and I’m thinking, “Oh yeah, I can use that.”

It happened again this evening. Only this time on the deck with spooker in hand. The book I was reading was in no way similar to my story, but along came an idea on how to flesh out one of my characters. Full disclosure: Some of my thoughts while under the influence aren’t nearly as brilliant as perceived at the time. There’s that.

So what I did was stagger back to the computer and get it all down. Come the dawn, I’ll read it again. Flush or not to flush? Watch this space.





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