The Making of a Novel: Part 4


So I went over my words from yesterday expecting the worst. Not too bad though. More than the usual number of omissions along with the expected  horrible punctuation, but all in all, a keeper.

I fixed a Bloody Mary this morning and dove back in. (Does anyone see a pattern here?) I got Buck started on his woodworking projects with a minimal explanation of how he got his supplies. As a former editor once told me, if it doesn’t benefit the story, delete it. It’s a fine line between too much detail and enough that the reader doesn’t say things like, “Huh, how did he drive to Topeka if he doesn’t have a car?”

My problem at the moment is that this stupid WordPress template, the one I’m using as we speak,  keeps starting new line sentences on its own. A curse on you WordPress.

Drive a man to drink.


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