The Making of a Novel: Part 5


I wish I knew how to write romance novels. I’d be a rich man. That’s where I’m at now. Billy Ray and his girlfriend, Rio, are making up after an incident that threatened to wreck their relationship. On the flip side, Carmella, Lester’s other deputy who has had eyes on the sheriff for some time, makes some overt moves to win him over. Lester seems to be  softening.

I  guess I could write in some kissy, kissy, smooch, smooch stuff. Nah.

So what I did was skim over it with just a quick peek, like  a voyeur looking through the bathroom window.

Advice to aspiring writers. Never ever start a novel and then begin reading someone like John Sandford. His new novel, Gathering Prey, has opening paragraphs that I can only dream about emulating. Geez.




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