The Making of a Novel: Part ???


There are writers out there who set goals of a given number of written words per day. “I’ll be right there when I finish my two-thousand words.” Granted, that kind of goal will get you to the finish and on time, important if an editor has a reserved time slot just for you, but at what cost? Seems to me, if you push yourself to a predetermined number per day, the quality could suffer. Might work for some, not here.

Although I try to write every day, some day’s I do nothing more than think about the story. I try to follow the cat’s lead and find a warm, quiet spot to lay back and “rest” my eyes. How can I improve on that last scene? Should I introduce another character? How can I put a twist on the ending?

That time spent can’t be counted by Microsoft Word, but it is still productive and keeps my head in it.

BTW, Deputy Carmella Middleton is now in deep doo-doo.

Watch this space.


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