The Making of a Novel: Part 14


Three thousand words later. Sometimes the words come out of nowhere. I was stuck, nothing in mind. No incidents. No new characters. Nothing for the good guys and bad guys to do but wait around for something to happen. But what?

I decided Billy Ray should call his girl friend, Rio, and try to sooth over their differences. But Rio wasn’t home. Where is she? Maybe she needed a change of scenery, a couple days off. How about a trip to, oh,…Colorado Springs. Only a four hour drive and loaded with nice restaurants and art gallery’s and shopping. There’s the Garden of the Gods and Pike’s Peak. Great place!

But not all that exciting. Hmm. What if she hits a storm on the way back, a bad one, not exactly a tornado, but wind and hail and narrow roads and faulty wipers on her car? A semi comes from the opposite direction like a bat of hell trying to outrun the hail, throwing out a blinding wall of wind and water that…

Yeah, that’ll work.

Watch this space.



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